Usain Bolt’s new girlfriend

The Observer showed a pic of Usain’s new girlfriend today.

Check it out!

“HE might be the world’s fastest man but Usain Bolt eased up recently to plant one his designer Belle Lubica.”

Maybe that’s why Prince Harry beat him last week. Just kidding.

The Observer did their cartoon below.

Here’s the scoop from her own site:

Slovakian born designer, Lubica, studied fashion design at the Ryerson University in Toronto. Lubica began her career designing bikinis mainly using crochet (a self-mastered technique) but later expanded her repertoire in womens clothing. Lubica playfully expresses her love of the tropics through her creative use of color, hand embellishments and appliques, materials and silhouette in her clothing line. Her signature flower appliqué and excellent color blocking are just some of the features that define her elegant resort wear.
Now based in Jamaica, the Lubica collection is widely enjoyed by women of all ages, with availability across the Caribbean, the United States, Canada and Europe. The Lubica collection has graced the runways of several fashion weeks, Toronto Fashion Week 05, Caribbean fashion week 06/07/08 and the Toronto Alternative Arts and Fashion week 08/09/10 just to mention a few.
Lubicas recent collaboration with the international recording artist Tami Chynn, sprung forth the anuna line, which has earned the duo a Designer of the Year Award at the Observer Style Awards 2010.
The Lubica collection is presently available at Kerry manwomanhome in Jamaica, KOD in Guadeloupe and in Toronto Canada.

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